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AH!! Can you believe it's 2018 already?? Like 2017 seriously flew!!! I'm still shocked honestly!

2017 was a great year for me overall. I learned so much about myself! I learned the areas I'm weak in, strong in and the areas that God has to come in and completely transform me.

I learned that it's okay to not be okay.

I learned that I won't have an answer for everything.

I learned that I love extra hard and that's okay.

I learned that I will make mistakes.

I learned that I will have dry seasons in my life.

I learned that I constantly have to pray for my heart when ugly things are in it. (Don't let that seed sit, pray on it instantly)

I learned that I may have to chill on social media so I won't compare myself to others or feel my portion is not enough.

I learned that every move don't have to be announced, it's okay to build in silence.

I learned that everyone is NOT your friend!

I learned that I can't expect everyone to be the same to me as I am to them, nobody owes me anything.

I learned that God is the same everyday. His love, his grace and mercy just doesn't change even when I change.

I learned that my alone time with God has to be a number one priority or I won't function right!

I learned to put my physical health first.

Overall 2017 just taught me to strive to be the best woman I can be and NEVER stop working towards building myself, building the kingdom of God, my brand and those around me.

2017 I planned! I wrote down everything God gave me and 2018 I'm executing and showing you all what God has done in my life!!

I encourage you today to sit and plan your 2018! Of course make sure your plans align with what God is calling you to do but I challenge you to get organized.

We killing off comparing ourselves to others and feeling like our life is not enough. SIS IT IS ENOUGH YOU ARE ENOUGH! I declare in the name of Jesus that we will reach our goals we have set for ourselves in 2018. I declare in the name of Jesus that we will step into our purpose. I declare in the name of Jesus we will get out of all situationships/relationships that don't push us closer to you God! I declare in the name of Jesus depression, anxiety, low self-esteem will be defeated in the name of Jesus!! 2018 is yours God and I thank you in advance for what you're going to do in each of their lives!

I declare businesses started!

I declare relationships restored!

I declare hearts healed!

I declare soul ties broken!

I call them out of every mental and physically abusive relationship!

2018 is theirs! In Jesus name AMEN!

Happy New Year Queens!!!

God is working & he loves you sis.

Have a fantastic week!


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