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Dirty Virgin

Dirty Virgin

With a message of truth and a call to be honest, Dirty Virgin challenges young women to examine their Christian lifestyles.  With dialog that motivates one to look at their lives from God’s perspective, the reader will feel compelled to improve their walk through a nonjudgmental invitation.

Asia Garrison is open and transparent about her own journey to wholeness and beckons others to look in the mirror of God’s word to see if their reflection is one of the Father. She includes interviews with other young women who are unashamed to speak of their challenges with living lives of purity.

The simplicity of her writing will resonate with young women everywhere, who truly desire a closer walk and lifetime experience of pleasing the God whom they follow. Asia proves and concludes that there is more to being pure than the focus on one physical aspect.  The God of the Bible clearly desires the spirit, soul and body.  Offering him anything less, will cause the Christian to live in a place of unfulfillment and ultimately lead to the forfeit of a truly victorious life in Christ.

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