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Killed From Comparing

Killed From Comparing

Killed From Comparing outlines how everyone is uniquely designed by the Master and created for good works. Asia Garrison’s heart is open and honest as she probes deeply into the reasons that God’s children find it necessary to compare themselves with others.

As a young woman seeking to have a life pleasing to God, she explores the ‘why can’t I be satisfied with who I am?’ question. Examining the jealous and envy spirit, she lays it all on the line and determines that emotions, spirit and body must be subject to our God.

She concludes that we must ‘kill comparisons’ and learn to love ourselves.  The same rules apply to men as they do to women. This open and honest information encourages self-examination and the reader is forced to reevaluate themselves, their disappointments and fears in light of this new-found realization.  The outcome is liberating, and takes the young Christian one-step higher toward the mature person God intended.

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