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A Letter To Single Women!

Hey Queens!

I hope your morning has started off fantastically and I pray that you will continue to have great mornings.

Yesterday, it was put on my heart to create a blog post strictly for SINGLE WOMEN. If you aint married you single (honest truth). Just to let you know I am 21 and I am currently single, I like to say that I am in a relationship with Jesus, because I am! So this blog post isn't just for you guys it's for me too.

I understand how some nights can go. You are at home by yourself and your mind gets to wondering like "man I wish I had a bae" or you're on social media and you see other people posting their significant other and you be like "I wanna take cute pics." I get all of that! It is a natural emotion/feeling to want someone. It is completely normal to want companionship. However, if you spend most of your day sad, depressed or worried about a companion that is when the issue comes in.

I think often times people make being single a bad thing. "Aww girl you still single?" "Aww girl when you gone get a man?" "Dang girl you getting up there in age aint you?" I mean I'm sure you've heard many more than what I just named, but it gets annoying right? Cuz I always have to remind people I am single by choice never by force! OKAYY! Lol!

What people fail to realize is that being single is just as much a gift as being married. I like to call the season that I am in and many of you that are reading this: the season of singleness. This season is so important because it's a preparation season. This season allows the Lord to prepare you to be a strong woman of God! This season allows the Lord to come in and work through you! God sees things about us that we don't see, so during this season he's able to come in and get some of that hurt, un-forgiveness, bitterness, anger or anything that we might be dealing with out of us. At the same time he's adding amazing qualities to us! Peace, love, joy, happiness, ambition and much more!

I like to look at my season of singleness as preparation for my husband. I know for a fact I'm going to get married but I know right now I would be toxic to a good man. I'm simply not ready for a relationship. I know that, the Lord definitely knows that and I have accepted that. Have you accepted that maybe God is still working on you and that is why your husband hasn't popped up? A lot of times we like to say that they aren't any "good men out there" but we need to stop saying that. I strongly believe in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." In the plans the Lord has for me it's a good man. God is not sending you a bad man lol. I aint saying he will be perfect but he will be good, so get that out of your vocabulary!

Now, I do understand that not everyone will get married. I do understand that some women are perfectly content with not being married and simply living for the Lord forever. This blog is not for them. However, I do applaud your strong faith in the Lord and contentment in him.

Here are some helpful tips to enjoy your season of singleness:

1) DON'T STOP DOING YOU- I feel some women put their life on hold because they are waiting for a husband. DO NOT DO THAT! You do understand you have a purpose here on this earth? Do not stop living because yo are waiting for your husband. Write down a list of all the things you want to do and make it happen. I used to say things like "I'm gonna live in an apartment until I get married so me and my husband can buy a house together" HAHA! Please! I'm going to buy my own house and hopefully my husband has a house so we can sell one and pay off the other with that. LOL! Do not change any plans you have because of a man. You'll be surprised the more you keep living and doing you being single won't cross your mind.

2) PRAY FOR YOUR HUSBAND- This is one thing that I do! I don't know who my husband is or where he is but I pray for him. I pray that he's not being tempted, I pray that he is a strong man of God, I pray that he is protected, I pray that he is a leader and much more! I pray over his life as well! Although you don't know who he is God does and God hears those prayers. How awesome would it be to know that you and your husband were both praying for one another? Pretty amazing right? So definitely pray for your husband!

3) LIVE IN YOUR PURPOSE- We all have a purpose here on this earth. Once you discover what your purpose is life goes to a new level. It goes to a new level because you get this grind for what God has called you to do. You become so focused on that you don't event think about being single. You actually begin to think "I'm too busy" until that right man comes about and you make all the time you never thought you had lol.

4) DO NOT ENTERTAIN POINTLESS RELATIONSHIPS- People always ask me why I don't date? I always ask them why should I? Dating without purpose is wasted time. If you know a man is not the one, why are you even entertaining him? You do understand that entertaining pointless men means that you don't trust GOD and this process and that you feel your way is better. Understand that you can be missing out on Mr. Right entertaining Mr. Wrong! Pointless relationships can lead to sexual sin as well. Y'all know I'm all about purity and saving yourself. So you never want to entertain a man who pushes you to sin. If he pushes you to sin HE IS NOT THE ONE!!

5) TALK TO GOD- This is the final but most important one. Talk to God y'all! It's okay to let him know that you are feeling a little frustrated because you have been single for so long. Talk to God! Talk to God! Talk to God! He is there for these exact reasons to lay our worries on to him and he will handle everything. Talk to God through prayer. You'll be surprised that this will make your relationship with God stronger. He wants to be our friend. Allow him!

Queens, I pray that this blog post encourages you, that this season of your life is not just because but it is for a reason. I pray that this blog post motivates you to live out your single life and be so proud! I just want to encourage you in embracing your singleness and loving every precious day that God has given you!

Your husband is out there!

Love y'all!

If you have any questions, need personal advice, want prayer or anything shoot me an email at

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