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Dear Mama, you matter!

I'm dedicating this post to all the mama's out there! First time mama's, second time, third time or expecting. I find it important to pour into you right now, encourage you, uplift you, and remind you that you are important, you should not compare yourself, and your life does not end at motherhood.

This post was inspired from a conversation I had last week with my bff, Briana. Last October she became a mother to my handsome God son Brix. Since October life has changed tremendously for her. Learning how to become a mother, adjusting sleep schedules, waking up in the middle of the night, looking for childcare, adjusting work schedules, expenses rising, and still trying to figure out how to be herself and achieve her goals and aspirations. Because you still have that right? Being a mom doesn't exit out the plans you've had for yourself it just adds another human into the equation. In most cases moms put their plans on the back burner for their kids. Nothing wrong with that! Whichever side of the fence you're on be led by God! It may be a season for you to focus 100% on the kiddos, may be a season for you to be in grind mode, or it may be a season to balance both! Whichever it is I'm not here to tell you, I'm here to encourage you to do what YOU feel led to do!

Anyway, as my bff and I were texting I was sharing with her a recent achievement I had and told her it was no big deal. She said "Girl to me it is. I ain't doing that *insert laughing emoji*

Immediately I said "You're a mom so your day to day looks different. Life is different. Not that you can't and won't accomplish things you can do whatever but it's still different and cannot be compared."

She said "Thanks for understanding. It's really hard, it looks easy tho."

I said "Yeah it's an adjustment! Talking to other moms who get it help. I can only understand so much. I can try my best that's why I never want you to compare what I got going on to you because I'm thinking for myself. You thinking for a WHOLE life. It's different. Much different and it's not fair to yourself to do that."

That's what I want to talk to you guys about. So many mothers are feeling inadequate with their life because they are comparing their journey of motherhood with their friends with no kids life. Or comparing your journey to another mama who seems to have it all together but what you don't see from the pictures is that mother has an entire staff behind her assisting her. It's easy to compare and say "Why aren't I doing this." or "Why can't I accomplish this." or "How does she make it look so easy." So many things I'm sure have come to your head as a parent and comparison has been deep in there.

Sis, I don't want you to do that anymore. I don't want you thinking you're not good enough or you are not doing enough! I look at all my friends with kids and I'm like "HOW DO YOU DO IT?" Seriously! I'm amazed by you all. I'm amazed how even with a kid you're still showing up, looking cute, kids looking cute, smelling good and glowing with a whole KID! Can y'all give me the secret because I'm inspired!

I'm inspired by all my friends with kids because if you guys can work hard, get up and go to work every day, worked while pregnant, maintained a household, and much more what really is my excuse?

I have an older cousin who had three kids and a husband and got her PhD!!!! THREE KIDS & A HUSBAND??? She made it happen!

Why? Because you're in your own lane and your life doesn't end here. You have amazing little humans looking at you and they believe that you are perfect. They love their mommy! While you're putting pressure on yourself and beating yourself up your kid just loves you.

So today I want you to stop beating yourself up! I want you to stop looking at your friend with no kids life, and I want you to dig deep into your own! God knew this baby would be here and he has ALREADY worked everything out for your good! How amazing is that?

I believe in you so much sis! I can't wait to see what God does in your life. I can't wait to see you step into more purpose! I can't wait for you to inspire other mamas. Because it takes a village!

If you're a mama and you're looking to connect with other moms and maybe be a part of a support group email me! and I will create a group for you guys! Because I believe accountability is important! I also believe connecting with like minded women helps too! So include your first and last name and your phone number and we will get something going for you guys!

Love y’all.

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