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ORGANIZATION!! It matters, sis!

Hello ladies! Happy Monday! Happy Monday! I pray that your day has started off great and you’re preparing yourself to have an amazing week! How about this? Let’s just claim an amazing week right now! Let’s claim that no matter what’s thrown our way (because life happens) that we are still going to have an amazing week! That we will choose the God side of every situation. Because the God side is the bright side, right? :) Now, I’m going to be super honest with you guys my life has changed so much within the past few months! My “normal” was no longer my “normal” and a few adjustments needed to be made. Honestly, I didn’t make the adjustment right away because I just needed time to process everything. I needed time to just chill! No schedule, not really on a super tight time schedule, and just time to debrief. I’ve taken my time and now I’m back to getting things in order! I’m back to creating my list, setting my weekly goals, writing them out and making sure I tackle them! I believe in structure and organization! Hey, God does too! He created the earth strategically and in order he didn’t create animals before he created light did he? No! Why would he create a place for animals with no light? How would they be able to see? How would they function? They wouldn’t right? (Check our Genesis 1 for more) If God had structure and he’s God. It’s important that we have structure too right? So this week let’s get organized! Organization looks different for each of us. Some of you may have a super clean house but your finances are all over the place. Some of you may have your finances on lock but your house needs to get some order. Or some of you have no system at all and you’re all over the place. I first want you to identify the area that needs to be organized. I like to start with my room. When my room is in order my thoughts are clear and I can think properly! Next I get out my journal (usually on Sunday) and I write out everything that needs to be done that week. I usually have monthly goals that turn into weekly goals. But since I didn’t write out monthly goals this month I have to start with my weekly! I write out everything that I want to accomplish within the week. If I’m being super organized I write out the sub points needed for each task. As the week goes on I check it off! Once it’s completed. Some weeks I write in my calendar the days I want to do certain things! When I was working I did that, but since I’m not working I have more time to do work during the day so I don’t have to be that particular right now. But if you’re working full time set certain days to do certain things, it helps! Next you wanna clean up your workspace. Where do you work at most? Organize your desk, organize where your computer is, organize the files on your computer, organize your tablet (charge it) get rid of old papers, organize and clean your desk! Finally, I want you all to set some downtime. I have downtime on my phone set for 9:00pm all apps shut down during the week at 9:00pm and I don’t get back on my apps until 9:00am! Doing this allows me to control my screen time, discipline myself, and prioritize. It allows me to organize my mind!! Which is so important. Your body needs to shut down and relax. I’m so excited to be back getting organized and back to my schedule! Now, church today (virtually) Mike Todd’s worship service fueled me! I believe in a schedule but I believe in being led by the Holy Spirit. Schedules are fine but if God wants to disrupt that with something else please be open to it! It’s much better than what WE had planned anyway! Ladies, I’m praying this encourages you and makes you excited for your week! You got this! New week New goals New vision New heart Let’s get it!

Love y’all.

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