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Happy Monday! I pray that you've had a great day and you're preparing for an even better day tomorrow! I do apologize for not posting last Monday. Last Monday was one of those days that got away from me so quick. I looked up it was almost midnight! So I do apologize for that.

How are you feeling today sis? I love Monday's but I also get some days Monday's make you just want to crawl back in the bed and start over again the next day right? If that's you today I encourage you to not beat yourself up but just prepare for tomorrow! Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves that when our day doesn't go how we planned, emotions are everywhere, people are being people, and life is just all over the place we just want to throw the day away right?

Well sis, I encourage you in this moment to thank God for waking you up this morning and just say "Lord make tomorrow better and make me better for tomorrow," and prepare to just relax for the evening.

How amazing is it that we get a fresh day? A new day to start working on that business, a new day to be on time for work, a new day to not gossip, a new day to be discipline, a new day to read your word, a new day to forgive, a new day to bless someone, a new day to be more patient, a new day to be more gracious, and a new day to be a better you!

If you feel today you weren't able to do any of that, guess what?


So go to bed tonight excited and motivated for another day!

Stay encouraged sis, you got this!

Love y’all.

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