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Heyyyyy Queens!!!

So I was in church this past Sunday and one of the songs that we sang that stuck with me was "You are the potter I am the clay, spirit come in and have your way" we sang that repeatedly in church and it stuck with me and I knew I wanted to write a post about that.

So what does it mean to be the clay and not the potter?

Well, we all know what clay is. Its mud and water (might be some other stuff too haha.) We all know what a potter is, someone who has control over the clay and forms it into whatever they'd like.

In our life scenario God is the Potter and we are his clay and we want the spirit to have ITS WAY WITH US! See I think we fall short sometimes of wanting to be the potter of our own life. We want to control everything, fix everything, say whatever we want, react off of emotions and make big decisions over our life. Instead of sitting back and being like "Okay, God... You are the potter what do you want me to do? How you gone mold me today" LOL that's how it has to be! Let God mold you. Allow the creator to create you into what he has called you to be. Jeremiah 29:11

I know I fall support short of this, always wanting to fix things on my own and thinking I have an answer to everything. Which is not true, I constantly have to remind myself that without GOD I AM NOTHING! God puts the 2 ts in asiasaywhatt OKKKK! LOL

Lets focus on putting God apart of every decision, every move and just allowing the spirit to be present in our life. We want to be molded into something so awesome and something that inspires the world! The only way that is going to happen if we allow God to be our potter. Starting today God is our Potter we are his clay and we letting the spirit come in and have its way!!

How does that sound Queens?

Say this with me

"Lord forgive me for not allowing you to be in control over my life.

I will allow you to take control and mold me

I will allow you to be the pilot and I be the co-pilot

I will love every process of this moment

I will thank you when times are not clear

I will thank you when things are so clear

I will proclaim the plans you have for my life

I will speak victory over my life

I will not complain

Lord thank you for being alpha & omega!"


Love you Queens! Have a blessed, fruitful & prosperous day!

P.S- for any personal prayer request, advice, love or anything you can think of do not hesitate to email me

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