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Heyyyyy Queens!

So happy to be back with another post for you guys! I miss y'all!!! I'm in a transition season right now so I am trying to get everything organized with the ministry, blog and much more! Just know I have some great things coming for you all.

I wanted to drop in with some quick advice for you ladies.

I was talking to one of my friends the other day and she was telling me about a guy that really likes her! She's telling me that he's pursuing her! Really trying to make an effort. I'm like okay cool girl what's the problem?

She's like "I mean I like him but I'm scared to start talking to him because what if Robert get his act together?" (fake name lol)

I looked at her and responded "Girl what?" What you mean you waiting on Robert? lol

My exact words to her were: "Don't allow the idea of one man prohibit you from pursuing the presentation of another."

What I mean is how often do we not talk to a guy or give him a chance because we are holding on to an idea of someone else. We are holding on to that "what if he changes" or "me and him gone look good together when he start acting right" or "he just need some time" whatever ideas you have in your head are simply ideas that need to be let go!

I'm not encouraging you to go out there and date every guy that is showing you that he is interested. As always pray and use GODLY discernment when deciding who to court but please do not let the reason you do not give a man a chance is because you're stuck on the idea of another man.

Sis, I say this with so much love if he is interested YOU WILL KNOW! His presentation will match his words and his words will match his presentation.

Today I encourage you and motivate you to let go of that idea. Stop letting that idea hold you back from things! Stop living off an idea of a man who is not giving you thought.

I promise you are worth more and it is not worth it!

We saying 2 FINGERS (peace) to the ideas of a man!

Praying that you all have a fabulous day and always remember you are Gods best and you want his best for your life and I promise his best is not an idea!

If you want further elaboration on this topic! Head over and read my blog post POTENTIAL VS PRESENTATION.

Love y'all.

Queen A.

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