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Hey Queens!

We are starting this week off with a CELEBRATION! *starts singing* "Ceeeelebrate good times come onnnn!!" Lol

Seriously! We are celebrating CELIBACY!!

I want to dedicate this blog post to every woman that is currently celibate, has a desire to be celibate or was once celibate but fell off. THIS IS FOR YOU!

I'm always so excited to hear about my friends choosing to be celibate, I encourage it all the time actually! I be like "YASSSSSS to the celibacy" because it's truly an amazing thing to celebrate and be proud of!

A few weeks ago I joined my girl Kay for brunch. We went out for brunch and she discussed with me how she was celibate for an entire year but she had "one slip up" so it does not count. I looked at her and said "Sis, it does count. One slip up does not discount the other 364 days that you did not slip." That conversation with her made me think of so many women who have given up their journey of celibacy because they fell short.

How many times have you thought about being celibate but just felt you could not do it? How may times have you wanted to be celibate but felt you were the only one doing it?

I want to start the hashtag #CelebratingCelibacy because I want to encourage women to embark on a journey of celibacy. I want to encourage women that they ARE worth the wait. I want to encourage women that if that man does not honor your body that man is not the one for you, I want to remind you that a slip up does NOT mean "give up" but "get back up" and keep going! I also want to remind women that their body belongs to God.

2 Corinthians 5:17 "This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone, a new life has begun."

Sis, I want to celebrate with you today, tomorrow and all the days to come! I want to rejoice with you! I want to praise you for making such an amazing decision! I want to walk this journey with you and continue to encourage you to keep going!

So today I honor all my celibate sisters! I honor all my sisters who chose to become celibate today! We are in this together and I don't care where you fell off as long as you get back on track! Don't get discouraged but stay encouraged knowing that God is right by your side during this journey!

Take your VOW of CELIBACY today and join myself and many other women on this walk! #CelebrationOfCelibacy (SIGN UP HERE)


Love Y'all!

Queen A.

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