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Heyyy Queens! Thank you for clicking this link and coming to this online study! Whenever I am unable to do a Bible study I will provide an online study. My goal is to provide a study in a video formant but when I am unable to do that I will post a blog post!

So lets get right into it!

Today I want you to ask yourself "Does God Have My Heart?"

Take a moment to think about that... When I ask you does he have your heart I'm not speaking if he has you on Sunday's or if he has you when you need something or does he have your "attention".

But can God truly say he has your heart?

For a while I can say God did not have my heart. In my heart I knew I believed in him but I didn't love him enough to fully commit to him.

When God has your heart he is in complete control of your life and everything you do.

When God has your heart you fully submit to him in all areas.

When God has your heart your actions match up with the word.

When God has your heart you exemplify love in every aspect.

When God has your heart you walk by faith and not sight.

When God has your heart you wash yourself in the word.

When God has your heart you pray to him daily.

These are just a few ways to know if God has your heart.

Now you might be reading this and you start to feel bad. That's not what this blog post is here to do, it's here to help you grow, become stronger in your faith and SEEK GOD!

One of the pro's about God going off your heart and not your actions is he's able to truly see you for who you are. We naturally make bad decisions, we naturally sin but through Gods grace we are forgiven. Would you honestly want God to judge you off your actions or your heart?

God truly knows when we are trying to do better vs when we say we are but our heart does not match that. So lets thank God for judging us off our hearts!

Example: You can be nice to someone, compliment them and talk to them all the time. But in your heart you hate this person and your lowkey looking for ways to destroy them. Your actions are nice but your heart is foul and that is what God is judging us based off. OUR HEART!!!

It is so important to get our heart in order with Gods word. It is important that we give God our heart so he can go in and cleanse us. He is the only one who is able to CHANGE OUR HEART. Humans can change physical appearances but GOD works on the heart, which changes your mind and you begin to glow physically.

Lets look at a few scriptures to study this evening:

Proverbs 21:2 “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.”

Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

Meditate on these scriptures and journal how they make you feel.

Journal areas of your life you want to make pure.

Use this time to repent of having an un-pure heart and ask God to come in and make your heart towards him!


Heavenly Father I thank you for every girl that comes across this blog post.

I thank you for allowing this post to minister to their hearts. I pray that for the rest of the week

you tug on their hearts and allow them to focus on you and nothing else.

I pray all spirits and distractions out of their life that are not of you.

I pray that you bring people into their life that can assist them on their journey

I pray supernatural peace over their life, their families and friends,

In Jesus name


Queens, can not wait until our next meeting! Have a blessed weekend!

Love y'all!

Keep Queening <3

If you have any questions, need personal advice, want prayer or anything shoot me an email at

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