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A good friend of mine said one of the realist things!

"Don't rush the process, trust the process." - Zay Hill

When he first sent that to me I was like "okay that's a cool quote," and that was it. I never meditated further on it. I never thought about it until today. This current season

that I'm in, in my life I can't rush God. I can't rush what he is doing in my life. I can't rush this process instead I have to trust it.

What season are you currently in? Are you in a season that is making you uncomfortable? Are you in a season of heartbreak? A season of "God what are you doing?" Or just a season of "God I don't know and I'm scared."

If any of that is you I want to encourage you to trust God with ALL of your heart. Not half of your heart but ALL of it. I want you to give everything to God right now!

I want you to say this:

"God, I trust you with all my heart.

I trust your plan.

I trust this process.

I trust your timing.

Continue to guide my life.

Protect my life and reveal to me all things"

Queens, I encourage you to be patient in this season of your life and know that you are not alone. Know that God is working on things we can't see right now. I urge you to align your heart with Gods and I PROMISE you'll see a change.

The great thing about this journey is that we won't know all the answers and we won't always have a plan but our Heavenly Father does. Just like any Father he will reveal when it is time and when he feels it is best.

Provers 3:5-6

Love y'all!

Keep pushing!

Queen A.

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