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Hey Queens!! Happy Wednesday !! Praying that you have an amazing week and that your day is filled with so much joy!

I’m siting here thinking, reflecting on my life and I’m like “it’s time for a glow up.” Not a partial glow up, not a little glow up but a FULL TIME GLOW UP! Are you in need of a glow up sis?

A glow up for me is an area in my life that looks a little raggedy or an area in my life that I struggle in that I need to glow up in! Honestly, we have a good three months left in the year. Do you know how much can happen in three months? Do you know how much you can get done in three months sis? Do you know how real your glow up can be?

But as usual, nothing in life comes easy. Nothing comes to those who sit around and talk about it. You have to go after it!

So what areas are you looking to glow up in your life?

Are you trying to reach a physical goal? Are you trying to reach a spiritual goal? Are you trying to glow up emotionally and mentally?

Are you tired of reacting off emotions and being lead by them? Are you tired of your mind always racing and never being at peace? Sis you need a mental and emotional glow up!

I’m claiming that the next three months is GLOW UP SEASON. We will glow spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. I pray that we take advantage of the days that you have given us God. I pray that we eliminate all distractions out of our life. I pray that you are the driving force behind this glow up Lord. I pray whatever area we choose to glow up in that you get the glory because without you the glow up would be impossible! Fill us up with you! Fill us until we overflow. In your name I pray. Amen

Now queens, LETS GLOW!

have an amazing day!

Stay faithful.

God is working and he loves you sis.

Have a fantastic week


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