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Hey Queens! Happy Wednesday!

I have been wanting to write this blog post for quite some time now.

So the Lord revealed to me an area in my life that I needed to work on and that's being consistent. I truly struggled with being consistent in my school, work, ministry, weight loss...... basically my life! When I began to become convicted about this problem I automatically took it to God and my prayer partner (blog on prayer partner coming soon.) I knew this was an area I wanted to pray about and really have the Lord help me on.

If you are like me you are always trying to be EVERYWHERE and do EVERYTHING. Well honey, I am here to tell you you simply can't do that. Our bodies were not made to do everything and be everywhere. Our bodies are designed for our purpose and if able assisting others with theirs. You see how I pointed out the word ASSIST, because we simply cannot take on multiple peoples calling but we can definitely give advice/direction, support and show mad love!

So lets take a moment to look at our life. Which area of your life are you being inconsistent in and why are you not being inconsistent in it? Is it because you do not feel like it? I know that was HUGE for me. I had to get past "not feeling" like doing something. It's a lot of things I do not feel like doing but I still have to.

Make a list of things you do not feel like doing and make it A NUMBER ONE PRIORITY this week!

Another thing you can do is prioritize your time. What is most important at that time. If you have a paper due it may not be important for you to sit up and watch all your Monday night shows.

Or if you have deadlines for your job or ministry.

Do what you cannot do later first!

Which means you can watch TV anytime but can that deadline be pushed back? Probably not!

Yall the spirit of inconsistency is so real! God has called us to be consistent in all things. Because God is the KING of being consistent. He does not start something then stop! Our overall goal is to be like him.

I wanted to make this post because I knew this was an area I struggled in and God has revealed it to me and I have become so much better in it. I'm not there yet but I'm nowhere near where I used to be.

This week I pray the Lord reveals to you the areas in your life you are inconsistent it. I pray that you become consistent in your calling and that you will be able to be grounded in all things.

Love y'all!

Keep Queening <3

If you have any questions, need personal advice, want prayer or anything shoot me an email at

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