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Heyyyy Queens!!

We back to our least favorite and sometimes favorite topic MEN! It's funny because I was getting ready to make a video about this topic and when I got ready to record my camera was about to die. I'm like whelp! I must of needed to write this instead of recording.

Ladies, I'm writing this post because I want you all to really know your worth and break down to you the difference between a man denying you and being discreet about your relationship.

Lets start off with saying that you are NO mans secret. Anybody you are dating right now should literally be honored to have you. Honored? "Asia you pushing it" Nah I am not! You are a Queen and any man that receives you has received a gift. YOU ARE THE GIFT! SO why are you allowing yourself to be this mans secret? Why are you allowing him to deny you because he says "I don't want nobody in our business."

HOLD UP! There is a big difference between being denied/secret and being discreet. When you're discreet about something you are not denying it you're simply only revealing certain information (usually personal). But you are NOT DENYING ANYTHING! However, when you are being denied you're simply being denied and that feeling is terrible.

You want a man who is so thankful for you that he could never deny/keep you a secret. You want a man who is so excited that he has you in your life that he wants to encourage his homeboys to get right so they can get a YOU!

I think in denial situations it is easy to blame the man. Because most times men want to have their cake and eat it too! Which aint happening! Honestly, we are sometimes our own reason why we are being denied because of the role we play in that mans life. You know the current position you play in your partners life. You know if it is simply sex. You know if it is when his girlfriend is not around. You know if it is I'm making him wait so you know he sleeps with other women and you also know if it is none of those and you are still being denied.

So my question is how does this make you feel? Are you playing a role in the denial? Are you over being good to someone who doesn't appreciate you?

Once you ask yourself that question and you find out that it is nothing on your end. TAKE IT TO THE SOURCE!

My goal here is to not to make you feel bad but simply make you think and understand your worth, especially in a relationship.

STORY TIME LOL -- I remember my first "boyfriend" lets call him Bob! Boy when I tell you I loved me some Bob! I met him in the 7th grade and started liking him in the 8th grade. I liked Bob sooo much guys! I mean he was perfect. Anyway, one day Bob asked me to be his girlfriend (on my birthday February 10th, 2009 LOL!!) and I was the happiest girl in the world. But apparently I was not that to him. Whenever people asked him did we date he told them NO. He really made me out to be crazy. He denied the heck out of our little 8th grade relationship He told me one thing and would tell others another. That hurt me, because I knew I was worth not being denied. I knew that I was never to be a secret. In 8th grade I KNEW! lol

Just like I KNEW back then you know right now. You know you are worth more than that late night "come through text" you know your worth more than "when I aint with my girl ill hit you up" you know your worth more than "his lady in the streets but he with another chick in the sheets" you worth more than ALL OF THAT!!

If he's not in 100% he doesn't need to be in or involved with you at all Queens!

So I ask the Question again, is your "man" denying you?

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