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Heyyyy Queens!!! It has been a month!!!!

I do apologize for not writting a piece in a month but ya girl has been trying to get caught up in school. With me being so stressed about that I have not had time to write a piece. HOWEVER, I am officially all caught up now.

I try not to write anything unless I have been inspired by God to.

I was sitting here thinking to myself what shall I write about and the words "It aint worth it" was put on my heart. So many memories came to my head on how I entertained people, situations, guys and much more that were not worth it!

Queens, at this current moment of your life you are putting in so much time and effort in something that aint worth it! Ask yourself why am I doing that? Why am I entertaining this guy who clearly is not worth it? Why am I allowing myself to pop off with people who clearly just want a reaction out of me? Why am I allowing things that I should be unbothered about, bother me?

Y'all I constantly have to tell myself "its not worth it" I pick and choose my battles. You know how many times I wanted to check somebody or tell them about themselves but I had to constantly remind myself that it wasn't worth it!!

You know how many times I wanted to continue to talk to a guy who I knew meant me no good, but yet he was fine and it was just something about him that I liked.... it wasn't worth it and aint worth it!

How many times have you allowed a friendship to continue just because??? It aint worth it!

Make a list of all the things/people you are giving your time to that aint worth it! (My list was a page long!!!!)

From there go ahead and rip that paper up!! That is you ripping up every situation, circumstance and person that aint worth it!

Queens, we are moving forward and we are prospering!! We will continue to say it aint worth it! That is our word of the week!

Queen Prayer:

God allow me to have an "it aint worth it attitude"

Help me not to entertain pointless people and situations

Help me to grow stronger in the areas you have ordained for me.

Help me not "pop off"

Help me to see your vision.

Help me to be carefree and only concerned with things in your will.

Please remove all people out of my life who aint worth it!

Thank you God for listening to me and taking care of this situation!


YASSS, Queens!!!

Love you Queens! Have a blessed, fruitful & prosperous day!

P.S- for any personal prayer request, advice, love or anything you can think of do not hesitate to email me

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