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Hey Queens!

Happy first of the month!!! So much happens on the first of the month but one thing that I value the most about the first of the month is a FRESH start! I have a new month to set new short term goals and a new month to just be a better me! Praying that your month starts off with joy and purpose!

We all know it is the month of August but I would like to call this the month of TRANSPARENCY! I want to be as transparent with you all about different things I have been through in my life and also things that I'm currently facing!

Earlier last week I was feeling down. I was feeling really down actually. I had been dealing with a situation and for the longest I was pushing my feelings under the rug but this time I had to address my feelings head on and truly just say that I was not OKAY! Me recognizing that I was not okay was so liberating! I felt freeeeeee!

For so long I've always felt that I had to be "Okay" regardless if I was okay or not I always had to have on my game face and even if I was not good I had to act like I was good! But I had to realize the moment I become "too good" is the moment I no longer needed God. The moment I become "too good" is the moment that I have everything together. The moment I become "too good" is the moment I say that I am perfect & have no emotions. Nah, to all dat! LOL

I reminded myself that I am human and that if I have a bad day that's okay. If I'm not feeling it that's okay.

I learned that there is no problem with having a bad day but the problem is letting your bad day turn into bad weeks or your bad days to turn into depression.

See, we acknowledge our bad day for what it is and we keep pushing forward! I don't want you to allow a bad day to make you forget how good your God is! Even in the midst of a bad day GOD is still in control. GOD is still faithful! GOD is still good! GOD still has the final say and GOD aint left your side.

So in the midst of my bad day I was reminded that God is there and I am to cast all my worries on to him! That I am to give him that bad day and let him have that burden so I can get back to doing me! (Psalms 55:22))

Queens, I write this post to let you know that it is okay to not be feeling it today but I encourage you to direct those feelings to God.

Just say "God, I need you right now. I don't have it all together. Today has been tough and I just need you take control!"

Take a deep breath and know everything will be okay!

Despite what you think I'm not always good, I have bad days... I have days that I just don't want to do this.. Days I want to give up.. etc!

But I know God is bigger than ALL THIS!

Have your bad day sis but don't stay there!

I promise tomorrow will be better.

Stay faithful!

Queen A.

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