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Heyyyyyy Queens!!!!!!

What is your definition of Mr. Right? YASSS ladies today we are talking about our favorite and sometimes least favorite topic... MEN!

Some of you currently are on a search for Mr. Right. You have that "I swear aint no good men in the world" attitude. I understand that attitude because I once had it. You have your ideal man in your head (we all do) and there is nothing wrong with that!

The problem is that when you focus so much time looking for Mr. Right that you don't focus on being MRS.RIGHT!

Before you receive Mr. Right you have to become Mrs. Right!

Which means totally take your focus off a man and focus it on yourself!!!

I remember there was a time in my life that I was sooooo scared to trust the Lord during my singleness. I was scared to even say "I'm embracing my singleness." I mean of course I would say things like "I'm young, I aint trying to be tied down to nobody.. I'm single and doing me!!" Yeahhh that is not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about when I said "Lord, if you have me single for the rest of my life I am content. Lord I am content with being single and in a relationship with Christ." I stopped focusing on Mr. Right and started focusing on myself. I took my eye off "Mr.Right" and put it on God! Because God is the only person who is able to prepare me for what he has for me. God is the only person who see's me for me and is willing to help me change and become a better person.

I am currently not ready for Mr. Right and I AM SO OKAY with that! I am currently focused on being the best person I can be! I am living in my purpose and it honestly cannot get any better than that!

I think the media has a strong play on pressuring us to want relationships because we see it on T.V, social media and in real life.

But ask yourself this, How many people do you know in a Godly relationship? A relationship that God is the center and main focus? Honestly! Ask yourself that!

I can name about 2-3 people! I've probably only seen a few on T.V as well!

My point is you want your Mr.Right to be rooted in the word and have love for God! But before we can receive that we must be that!


Queens, lets drift our focus to living in our purpose! When you are so consumed with your purpose (Proverbs 19:21) you won't even trip off of where Mr. Right is!

So my advice to you is simply put all of that energy into yourself! Put all of that energy into building a solid relationship with Christ. Put all that energy into finding your purpose (Seek God for that) and simply focus on you! Queens, IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU! I'm on the journey with you! We can do it together!

Queen Prayer

"Lord change my focus to be on you

Do not allow me to consume anymore time on Mr. Right

Help me to become Mrs. Right

I will focus more time on you

I will focus more time on being better

Reveal your purpose for me

Allow me to walk in my purpose

If I am not walking in my purpose Lord, show me signs

Take anyone out of my life who does not line up in my purpose

Remove unhealthy and ungodly relationships from my life"

Amen! YASSS! Queens! We killing it with these prayers.

Love you Queens! Have a blessed, fruitful & prosperous day!

P.S- for any personal prayer request, advice, love or anything you can think of do not hesitate to email me

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