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Heyy Queens!!

Super excited to be doing a blog post on this topic. POTENTIAL vs PRESENTATION!

I think often times as women when it comes to dating or "talking" to a guy we get super caught up on his potential instead of what he's presenting to us. This is an area I fall so short in y'all! I've recognized that I often get so caught up on a guys potential instead of what he's presenting, that I end up creating an entirely new man in my head LOL fr!

Give you guys an example! There was this guy who I liked! I liked him since high school actually. Super sweet, gentlemen, caring, chocolate and tall! I mean what more do I need to say? #TeamDarkSkin LOL! Anyway, although he was a great guy he was not what I needed him to be and all the things I know God would send for me in a husband. If you all don't know I just started a ministry and I know me and my husband will travel the world speaking the gospel! That's a given. Y'all this dude aint got no interest in traveling the world speaking the word of God.. But does he have the potential to? Absolutely! "He's a people's person" I tell myself. "He's outgoing, he gone be able to really connect with black men "I tell myself.

Do y'all see how I just went off of his potential and created an entirely new man? Does he have the potential to do what I just said? Absolutely! Unfortunately, I can only go off of what's being shown. Does this take away from the amazing person he is? Absolutely not! I just grew to accept the fact we are in two different seasons in our life.

I have a question for you, Queens.

Whats being shown to you right now? Are you more impressed with what you know he can be or what he is currently being?

Don't get me wrong, nobody is perfect. You won't get a perfect man. However, God will send you a man who is putting in the EFFORT to be better.

Ask yourself is he putting in the effort?

I want to encourage you to trust in the Lord when it comes to this.

See, when God sends you someone his presentation will be everything. His presentation will ENHANCE his potential. You cannot create a purpose for a man that he has not identified. Only God can do that.

Three things I want you to remember

1) God loves you! - Yeah, I know you probably like "I know that" but seriously he loves you enough to not have you out here creating false men in ya head. You have to love him enough to trust that he has you.

2) You're not alone- Don't ever think you're alone when it comes to things like this. You're not the only woman who gets caught up in potential. It truly means you have a big heart and want the best for whatever guy you're liking.

3) Just because you're good for him doesn't mean he's good for you- AHH! This is an important one. You can meet a guy and honestly be the best thing that ever happened to him. Spiritually, mentally and emotionally! However, that does not mean he is all that for you. Be wise on who you open up to and who you choose to entertain.

Queens, I am praying that this blog post touches your heart and open your eyes to things you may not have noticed you were doing. If you were to only take one thing from this it would be God loves you to much to have you stuck on potential!

Praying that your week is amazing and that you bless someone today.

Love y'all


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