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Heyy ladies!!

Happy Monday! I pray that you have had an amazing day and that this week you are encouraged to be a better version of yourself!

How are y'all feeling? I'n pretty sure almost every city is on lockdown at this point or has some strict restrictions going on due to Rona! My advice? Respect the rules they've set place and use wisdom! If you ain't gotta go out DON'T! Just take some time to chill!

Honestly, y'all this blog post will be super quick and straight to the point because I will get into it more in Wednesday's Bible Study which will be LIVE!! SO excited!

Let’s just say a few hours ago my butt got convicted! I had to reevaluate myself and time. I had to ask myself how am I spending being Quarantined? Am I spending time with Jesus or 24 hours of Netflix? Has my prayer life increased or has my talk time increased? Has my worship time increased or has my dancing in the mirror (yes I do that) increased? Have I been more concerned about the gossip on social media opposed to what God is telling me to do in this time? These are questions I want you to ask yourself. Trust me I'm not telling you anything that I have not checked myself about.

I want us to leave this Qurantine wiser, smarter, stronger, and with a routine! I want you to leave this shut down with a better relationship with God. I don't want this season to pass and you still battaling the same things. I don’t want this season to pass and you‘re not familiar with Gods voice. I want this season to pass with you being better. Not perfect but better. I want ONE cycle broken! I want at least ONE break through for you.

Sis, all I’m saying is use your time wisely. Use your time to grow closer to Christ don‘t pull away.

praying that this post touches your heart, because God wants your heart.

Love y’all.

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