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Heyyy Queens!

It has been entirely toooo long since my last post and I apologize. I will be making a post weekly now!

First off, Happy Valentine's Day!!! If you're like me you are single and QUEENING on this "man" created holiday. I am here to tell you.. IT IS OKAY!

I've been seeing so many post on social media about February 14th!

I see post from women who are excited to spend the holiday with their significant other, women who are upset because they are single, women who are just completely depressed about being single and women who seem to be content with today!

Regardless of where you stand- I just want to remind you on this day how AMAZING you are! I want to remind you that being single on a holiday created by man ain't really that deep. I want to remind you that being single on Valentine's Day does not make you worthless or less of a woman. It doesn't even make you lonely! It simply makes you a woman who is SINGLE and should be secure in that! It makes you a woman who will CHOOSE to enjoy this day and pamper herself. It makes you a woman who is being patient with God because you know he has a husband for you and you aint out here just about to settle with anyone so you can say "Happy Valentine's Day" and get a little card and some chocolate. Nah

If you are not content with being single then the issue is deeper than Valentine's Day it has to do with not understanding where God has you placed and why he has you placed where he does.

This Valentine's Day I encourage you to LOVE YOURSELF! I

encourage you to make this "man" made holiday not about being with someone but about loving you and everyone around you. I keep emphasizing that it is a man made holiday cuz it is! Show me in the Bible where it talks about some Valentine's Day? LOL! FR! One thing we are instructed to do is LOVE EVERYDAY!

Mark 12:31, Romans 13:10, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

This Valentine's Day we are QUEENING! Which means we are not going to spend this "holiday" being sad we are going to spend it loving ourselves! What I plan on doing is writing a list about myself. I am going to write down 50 things I absolutely love about myself! Once I am done I'm gong to say a prayer " Lord, Thank you for allowing me to see another day. I am single but I am content with that. I am content with loving me, loving you and others. Bless me during my singleness and allow me to grow in many ways internally! Purify my heart and mind! In your name I pray, AMEN"

I am the Valentine of Christ! He has my heart and loves me unconditionally! He loves me so much that I cannot spend today being sad but rejoicing because he has a plan and bitterness is not it.

Queens, if you are bitter today ask the Lord for forgiveness and to work on your heart. The enemy wants you to be mad, bitter and jealous of others. God wants you to be full of joy and trusting in HIM!

P.S- You will have more Valentine's Day not single then you will single. This is your "PREP SEASON" (PREP SEASON blog post coming soon)

Keep Queening!


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