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Heyyyy Queens!

When I tell you I could not WAIT to make this blog post.

Queens, are you staying in your lane??

We are on the road to success, all of us are. But do not slow down on the highway because you are concerned with what the person next to you got going. Do not slow down your road to success because you are comparing your car to the person next to you car. AKA you worried about their blessing when you need to be focusing on yours!!

I remember when I first rededicated my life to Christ I was big on the comparing game. I would be like "God why is this happening to her and I'm doing all of this" or "God how can she get him and she Ratchett" LOL ( yall know yall have said it before) "God how come I did not get this job and they did, and I am more qualified" I mean Queens the list goes on and on and on and on *Erykah Badu voice*

But one day, I got tired of comparing my life to the person next to me. I got tired of counting their blessings when I should of been preparing myself to receieve my own!

I had to understand that what is for me WILL BE FOR ME!

QUEENS, what is for you will be for you! He/she cannot stop the blessings coming towards your life.

You gotta stop comparing your life to other peoples... Because in reality what looks good on the outside aint always good on the inside for other people.

So now? I am 100% focused on myself and bettering myself. I am 100% focused on perfecting my imperfections. I am 100% focused on ME... ME..ME..ME...

Honestly, I could careless what the next person has going on and that is exactly how you have to be Queens. Sounds a little selfish? It is suppose to!

Redirect your focus to yourself. Because when you're completely focused on yourself and in yo own lane you won't swerve into the other lane, because you see Gods direction for your life. You see how he is trying to guide you to DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE. You see how he blocks all the distractions out. You simply just see yourself. WE are all guilty of swerving into other lanes at times, but TODAY we choosing to swerve back into our lane and remain there. Ya feel me?

Queen Prayer

" I will stop looking to the left and to the right

I will stay in my OWN LANE (no swerving)

I will stop comparing my life to someone else

I will focus on me

I will claim what God has for me over my life

I will use each day to better myself

I will speak kind words over myself

I will discover my purpose

I will use each day to do better and BE better!"


YASSS, Queens!! Add this one to your book of prayers. By the time I'm done with yall, yall gone have a prayer for everything and every subject!

Lets continue to speak these things over our life!

Love you Queens! Have a blessed, fruitful & prosperous day!

P.S- for any personal prayer request, advice, love or anything you can think of do not hesitate to email me

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