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STOP forcing things. Let it flow or let it go!

Heyyyy ladies! Today has been a long day! I am currently at home in the bed! I just got home not too long ago, I didn‘t even feel like getting my laptop so I’m typing this blog on my phone haha! I promised weekly blog post and that’s what you guys are going to get.

Before we end the night I wanted to encourage you to stop forcing things. I’m a strong believer in what God wants you to have that door will be wide open for you to walk through! You won’t have to beat the door down. You won’t have to beg the door to open. You won’t have to stand outside the door waiting for the door to be “ready” to open. You won’t have to explain to the door why it should be open. The door that God has called you to walk in will be open for you and he will grace you to walk in it!

I’ve caught myself in the past trying to force doors open and I’m just like nah... if it’s God I won’t have to do that!

I think naturally we are always trying to force people or things.

I told myself I ain’t forcing nothing else!

Friendships or opportunities. I’m letting things flow! If God has called me to it, it will flow so naturally. I won’t have to interfere or manipulate the situation.

So I have a question for you.

What are you currently forcing in your life right now? What’s not flowing that you are trying to make flow. What door are you constantly beating at and nobody is answering?

God is saying “My daughter you are trying to enter a door that you don’t have the key to. I have not ordered you to walk through that door but if you trust me I’ll give you the keys to the door you’re supposed to walk in. The keys will fit. You won’t have to force your entry because you will be welcomed.”

So my prayer for you right now is to stop forcing things and let it flow! God loves you so much and I promise you won’t have to force anything he’s called to you or for you!

Have a wonderful night sis.

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Asia Garrison

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