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Heyyyy Queens!!!!

I first want to start off by apologizing for not writing a blog post in months! I guess one of the reasons I'm writing on this topic is because my time management has been super TERRIBLE lately! I have been so overwhelmed with other things in my life, I've neglected one of my Godly duties which is to keep my blog updated! So, I apologize Queens! Please forgive me:)

So! For the past week time management has been on my heart. Do you feel like you have so much going on in your life that 24 hours is just not enough? I know I do! Do you feel like you're super unorganized, always procrastinating and simply just stressing yaself out?

Trust me you're not the only one! I want to give you some helpful tips on how you can SNATCH your life back and get the clock on your side!

1) PRAY! - YEP! (Y'all knew that was going to be the first thing I said) Pray and ask God to eliminate all unnecessary things out of your life. A lot of times we are doing things we were never called to do which puts to much stress on us. Although, what you're doing may not be bad it can still be a distraction from the things you ABSOLUTELY have to do! We want to do the things we HAVE to do first THEN if we have a little time after we can do the other things. Ask God to help you prioritize your time. This may be small to you, but God is so awesome that he wants to help us in every aspect! He wants to make things easier for us! James 1:5

2) WRITE IT DOWN! - This may sound cheesy, but it is definitely something a lot of people do not do. Get yo self a planner or use your phone! I have to put things in my phone for me to remember. I will forget.... I put stuff in my phone (my calendar and reminders.) I went and bought this little tiny notebook (it can fit in my purse) and I write things down in there. Everyday I'll look into that to see what I have to do. Once I complete it, I scratch it off my list. It has been super helpful too!

3) CLEAN YOUR ROOM/WORK AREA- LOL!! Cluttered room equals cluttered thoughts. This may not apply to some but I know it applies to a lot of people. You'll be surprised how a clean room makes you think better. Having a clean/organized working space is not only motivating but it allows you to get straight to business and it clears up time!! You wont be going around searching for things because everything is already together!

4) "DOES THIS REALLY MATTER?"- Ask yourself that question! I mentioned this already but you gotta ask yourself that! "Does this really benefit me?" "Is this really important right now?" "Is there more important things I could be doing with my time?" Like seriously! If you have an assignment due the next day is it important to be on Facebook all night? Or is important to watch tv? Nah! That will be there after you're done doing what you have to do! Don't let things that are not important waste your time! We only get 24 hours!

5) TAKE SOME "ME TIME!" - In the midst of everything you have going on take sometime out for yourself! I'm learning everyday how it important it is to have some "me time" even if that "me time" is just going for a walk, eating dinner with friends, getting your nails done, going to the grocery store or being with your family. You need time were you focus on YOU and just relax! Never get so consumed with other things that you neglect yourself! 3 John 1:2

QUEENS, the final step is simply making it happen! The tips I have just given you I'm sure are things that you have heard for years. However, hearing something and not listening and putting it into practice is pointless. I pray that you begin to SNATCH your life back and remind yourself that YOU RUN YA LIFE/SCHEDULE. YA LIFE/SCHEDULE does not run you! Get organized and use your time wisely! I am in this with you! Trying to snatch my life back as we speak!

Praying that you have an awesome week!

Love you all! <3


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