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Whew! Eight helpful tips to ease ya mind.

Hey ladies! Happy Monday Happy Monday! Praying that you've had an amazing day thus far and that you're using each day to be better. Last week I wrote in my notes some things that I'm learning during this current season and state of the world. I wrote out eight things and I pray that the things I'm learning & practicing helps and blesses you!

It's so much going on the world right now but it's two things I know fasho!

1. Nothing has caught God by surprise & 2. God is faithful and perfect.

So here are the eight things that I wrote down that I want to share with you all! :)

1. It’s okay to NOT KNOW. But it’s never okay to walk in fear. Fear can’t exist where God is. If you trust God you gotta trust him FULLY.

2. EVERYDAY is a new day to be better. Didn’t read your bible yesterday? READ IT TODAY! New habits are created daily. You are in control of every bad habit in your life. Creating new habits begins with YOU!

3. Jesus is KEY to survival. Nothing else will fulfill you. Everything else is temporary you want an everlasting feeling, not one that is created by something else.

4. PRAYER!!! We have to be people who seeks Gods face. Seeking his face means you’re talking directly to him. Not selfishly but as a servant. “God what do you want me to do?” Not “God can you do this for me.” See how God wants to use you today. Think selflessly. Ask yourself "Will my prayers change the world or just me?"

5. Get accountability. Fear is running crazy you need like minded believers to lean on. So when that spirit creeps in you pray over yourself but also text your bro/sis so they can go into prayer for you!!

6. It’s okay to NOT BE OKAY. More reason to lean on the Holy Spirit for guidance and support.

7. There are people who are praying for you!!! There are people praying for this world and this very moment for your salvation. It’s people declaring the blood of Jesus over you. Make sure you’re doing the same. Keep your family lifted, ya friends, ya social media friends, and this world!

8. I understand that I can’t do this on my own. I need God. Desperately . This world will have you soaked and drowning and the only thing I want to drown in is the Blood of Jesus and Gods presence. I want to drown in what he says about me and not what this world says about me.

What are some things that you are learning? Share them with me! Let's make this longer! Let's grow together and continue letting God be the front of our lives.

Love y’all.

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