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Heyyyy Queens!!

I hope you've had a fabulous weekend and I am praying for an even more fabulous week for you!

Today I want to share with you why I chose to be pure and why I feel you should be pure as well!

One of the mission statements of God Bless the Queens is: Embracing your purity!

I'm going to be real with you guys, I did not wake up one morning saying "I'm going to keep my virginity forever and ever until my Prince Charming swipes me off my feet and from there we will make love"

Nahhh... In the 8th grade me and one of my best friends had actually planned to lose our virginity when we were 16! I KNEW for a fact I wasn't going to have sex in middle school (mostly everyone was) but then I thought sophomore year would be appropriate.

I got to high school and honestly.. It just did not work like that. The more & more I discovered the qualities of myself the more I realized no guy was worthy enough of having my virginity and I loved the attention. I got to the point of loving myself and actually knowing my worth 100%. Or at least I thought I knew it enough to say "I'll keep waiting." I actually enjoyed being the virgin.. I enjoyed guys not having the privilege of saying "yeah I hit too." But that's the thing I enjoyed it for THAT reason the notoriety I got from others. It barley had anything to do with God.. I loved the attention! It was not until June 23rd, 2013 when I rededicated my life to Christ that I knew this was the lifestyle I wanted to continue to live and I KNEW I wanted to save myself to marriage. I wanted to honor God and it wasn't about "being known for being a Virgin." It was simply about, honoring God!

NOW, I am not saying the journey has been easy because it hasn't. Sex is everywhere. EVERYWHERE! I'm in college, I have my own place, pay my own bills shooooottt it could really be going down BUT I have already made that promise to myself and most importantly, God.

Queens, that's just my story. I'm going to give you three reasons why I feel you should save yourself. Remember there is a such thing as a born again Virgin! I don't care how many sex partners you've had, your next one can always be your husband! IT IS NEVER "TOO LATE"

1) YOU ARE WORTH THE WAIT! - I think often times we fear that if we tell a guy that we are waiting till marriage he will no longer be interested OR he will go out and have sex with other women. Honey any man with a mindset like that is NOT a man you want to be with. You do not want a man who can't respect you wanting to honor yourself or most importantly, God! You want a man that will not only embrace the fact that you want to wait but you want him to join you and be in full support! If you cannot resist the urge of having sex with your partner or a guy you talk to out of fear that he won't accept it he is NOT FOR YOU! THAT IS NOT THE MAN YOU WANNA BE WITH!! You want your relationship to honor God in every way possible! Queens, you are worth the wait. You are someones wife! Remember that! Proverbs 31:10-31

2) NO MORE UNNECESSARY SOUL TIES! - YEP!! I'm going there today Queens! Sex is a soul tie! When you have sex with someone your souls are connecting. Ask yourself this do I want my soul connected with a man just because "I'm trying to get my issue off" Nahh! Baby girl, trying to get your issue off will leave you with his issues too! Have you ever heard guys say things like "Sex made her crazy" (for lack of better words) or "When girls start having sex they lose they mind"?? Sound familiar huh? If you connected your soul with someone how else would you act?? This man has a piece of your soul LOL and they want you to act normal? Nah! That is why sex outside of marriage can be very dangerous.

Example: Lets say you have a white piece of paper (we gone call that yo soul) and you are talking to a guy he is the red piece of paper.. Y'all talking y'all hit it off y'all have sex. Well when you guys have sex the white piece of paper and the red piece are glued together! Fast forward y'all don't talk no more and you rip the two pieces of paper apart. Well, on the white piece of paper (your soul) there will be pieces of that red paper (pieces of that man) still on your soul. Now, add more colors blue, green, purple, yellow, orange etc you have the same issue. All those men still leaving a piece of themselves with you/on you!

Now, soul ties can be prayed off, because nothing is to much for God. But it is hard! I've heard from so many women how hard it is to be free from soul ties. Save your next soul tie for your husband were it's an healthy soul tie and you'll benefit from it and honor God! 1 Corinthians 6:16

3) YOU ARE HONORING GOD! - This is the most important one yall! You will simply be honoring God with your decision. Honoring God is soooooo important! Of course, being pure is not the only way to honor God but it is a big way! It is big way because you are going against your flesh, you are choosing to ignore what everyone else is doing and you're standing out! You're shinning! You'll also discover a few things by being pure. God will show you if that man is for you, if your friends are supportive, if you need to stop talking to someone, and so much more! Allow God to bless you! Honor him by honoring your body and embracing your purity!! 1 Corinthians 6:20

Queens, I am not hear to judge you or condemn you cuz LORD knows I am not perfect but I am simply here to motivate you to do better. I recognize your worth and I want you to recognize it! I want to help push you to places you never thought you could go. This is not just my journey but your journey too! Lets push each other to reach godly and personal goals!

Queen Prayer:

God I will choose purity

God I will choose you

God I will honor you and my body

God I will not allow a man to dictate my purity

God I will cast down all soul ties

God I will not create anymore soul ties

God I will be patient during this process

God I will trust you during this process

God I will become pure not for me but YOU!


YASSS, QUEENS! Lets Claim these things over our life!

Love you Queens! Have a blessed, fruitful & prosperous day!

P.S- for any personal prayer request, advice, love or anything you can think of do not hesitate to email me

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